When I arrived at Loch Frisa this morning, the rain was lashing down, not quite horizontal, but not far off! It was quite blustery too.  The first thing I do when I arrive is to check the nest is OK, and see if either Skye or Frisa are about.  This morning I could just make out Frisa on the nest, protecting her precious chicks from the rain and cold.   And for the news you have been waiting for .... we have two chicks!  Dave confirmed he had seen two fluffy heads - they will certainly keep Frisa and Skye busy.
There was no trip to the Hide this morning as the weather was just so bad, any sensible bird would stay hidden.  After lunch, the sky started to clear and little blue patches began to appear.  I escorted a large party down to the Hide, all eager to catch a glimpse of Skye or Frisa.  We were entertained by a male hen harrier hunting in front of the hide.  We were then treated to a very special sight - a cuckoo landed on one of the fence posts just in front of the hide - most of us hear cuckoos but to actually see one is quite a rarity.  A sparrowhawk wanted to join in and flew across the field in front of the hide.  The buzzards were not to be outdone and gave a great display, diving and hovering on the wind - next time you see a buzzard, look at the markings on the underwing - absolutely stunning!  By now, some of the group had started to drift away, when suddenly I caught that familiar outline in the sky - Frisa appeared, circled above the nest area for all to see and then landed back into the nest tree - then Skye flew up, not to be outdone and gave us a great display as he soared higher and higher into the sky, the sun shining on his white tail for all to admire.  He finally drifted away, off to find food for his chicks.  A quick check on the sand martins who are nesting next to the Hide and the group finally departed - chatting nineteen to the dozen at all they had seen. 
Loch Frisa - our largest fresh water Loch on the Isle of Mull - photo Debby Thorne
This morning's rain had long been forgotton and everyone was commenting how lovely it was to see the sun!
  • Thanks Debby! Great to hear you've got two chicks.  It all sounds wonderful up there- and only a couple of months now till we see it for ourselves - hope you're on duty the day we come!

    Lovely picture - is it taken from the hide?

    Reply: Hi Jeannie - the picture is taken from the track as you approach the Hide

  • Well done Debby!!

    What a great debut, as Gary says..... Dave will have to watch out Lol :)

    Very good description, we were almost there with you.... I wish !!

    The picture is lovely and so pleased to hear there are two precious white tailed Sea Eagle chicks again this year, thanks to the efforts in part of Dave and you and the other people devoted to their care and protection... take a bow all of you, for you surely deserve it.  :)

  • Well done Debby great blog, beautiful picture and I am so thrilled to hear you confirm that you have two chicks. Really looking forward to coming to the hide again.

  • Didn't realise it was you that had written it Debby  Well done and well written on your debut. Even though you said  Dave confirmed he had seen two chicks I still didn't realise it wasn't him writing.

  • Thanks Debby. Super blog and Dave has competition now!!:)

    Wonderful news about the second chick.