I returned to the Eagle Hide today, having had a couple of days off.  What do you do on your day off on Mull?  Why, check on the other eagles of course!  I had a great day and had some wonderful views of both white-tailed eagles and golden eagles - we are so lucky on Mull to have both these magnificent birds - I don't think I could ever tire of watching them. 

Both trips today were fully booked and the visitors were not disappointed.  As I arrived at the hide this morning to open up, I was greeted by Frisa flying across the loch and into the nest.  Both groups got fantastic views of both adults and the chicks on the nest.   The two chicks are six weeks old today and growing at a phenominal rate.  As I took a final look at them this evening, you could clearly see their feathers coming through, a wing or two being flapped, getting ready for that first flight which should happen around 12 weeks old.

Did some of you manage to catch 'Animal 24:7' on BBC One this evening? Just wanted to point out that it was filmed two years ago. It was sad for everyone involved (see archived blogs from 2007 'White tail, black day') but the chicks this year are just fine.

I just want to sign off tonight by sending all our very best wishes to PC Finlay Christine, our Wildlife Crime Officer on Mull who featured in tonight's programme.  Finlay 'retired' today (although his official last day is in July) and is one of the nicest guys you could meet.  He has done so much for our eagles and all Mull's wildlife. This year he was awarded Wildlife Crime Enforcer of the Year - a fitting tribute to all his hard work.  A long, happy and healthy retirement and a huge thank you for all that you have done for our magnificent birds.

Dont forget to check the Live sea eagle webcam in Estonia and you will see how Skye and Frisa's chicks on Mull are looking!

I have included some of the stunning photos taken by Iain Erskine

White Tailed Eagle - photo copyright Iain Erskine













                                     White-tailed eagle - Photos copyright Iain Erskine


White Tailed Eagle - photo copyright Iain Erskine














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Debby Thorne RSPB Scotland


  • I trust that PC Finlay Christine will not retire mentally from your/his birds and also that a new Wildlife Enforcement Officer has been appointed for Mull. NB. Message for TraceyS: good to see another archaeologist/other archaeologists captivated by sea eagles..... Please spread the word amongst your lot to sign the Irish petition (now referred to many times previously and so I won't repeat it all again)!

  • Thanks Debby. Wonderful comments and photo's as always:)

  • I was lucky enought to catch Animal 24:7 so did see the article about the death of the two chicks. I had a feeling it was a couple of years ago - very sad. An eagle chick died in Canada (Hornby eagles) recently after somehow getting caught up in its mums under feathers. A totallly freak accident. She couldn't free him and she took off with the chick still hanging and of course it then fell. His body was recovered very soon after but sadly he was dead.
  • Hi Debby, as you know we had the pleasure of meeting Finlay at Easter when we were at the hide, and we whole heartedly endorse your tribute. I'm sure he'll still be keeping a hand in during his retirement, has he got a show reel of his numerous TV appearances?!! A DVD could be on the cards to suppliment his pension!

  • Hello Debby good to have another update. As den&ann have said wish PC finlay Christine a long and happy retirement and thanks for the work he has done protecting all wild life on Mull. Glad yo enjoyed your days off and what a wonderful place to be spotting eagles all the time. Thank Iain for the stunning photographs. They really go to show how magnificent these birds are. Good to know Skye and Frisa's chicks are growing so well but with such wonderful parent it is no surprise.