So we've made it through this horrible week. Enough of the weather. Apart from reporting that the rain has now stopped. The winds have now dropped and Frisa, Skye and the two chicks are alive and well. It wasn't an easy day at the hide for Debby with constant heavy squalls rattling through every time they ventured outside. But by the afternoon the eagles were out and about, they brought in prey and there were some happy visitors. The week ahead looks fine and settled. It's 'Wildlife Week' here on Mull & Iona, our 7th and biggest and best yet. There are loads of talks, walks and events. The RSPB mini-team (Debby, me and Jenny from the Glasgow office) will be running a corncrake walk on Iona on Tuesday, a coastal wander on Wednesday, a film show on Thursday and at some point yet to be decided, perhaps an evening eagle cruise out of Tobermory and maybe an all day seabird/whale watch. So quite alot going on but most importantly, I will be trying to fit in a complete check on all our nesting sea eagles to see how they've fared during this last horrendous week. There are some worrying reports to follow up on: both adults out and flying at one site where one adult should be brooding small young; another where hatching should have happened during the worst of the storms and another where the nest looked unattended when it should have had an adult nearby. The next week should reveal all. There will have been casualties but for the most part I'm hoping nests and chicks will have been well protected by experienced parents. Thank you for everyone's supportive comments this week. It helps to keep us going. Until next time...  

Dave Sexton RSPB Scotland Mull Officer

  • Another copy of 'Dave's Diary' here please!! I know Debby is on the case, along with many others to nag Dave into writing that book. It's quite someting to write in such a way that gets people so hooked - Debby told us she was excited by your blog about the first day at the hide, and she was there!!! I'd like to think it's now a case of 'when' not 'if' a book is available, there must be a publisher out there who can help?! I hope both 'Wildlife Week' and your nest visits go well, and despite the weather I still wish I was there!
  • Kathy O'Neill from the RSPB asked a long time ago for us to nominate an RSPB member of staff for recognition regarding their writing.

    I nominated David Sexton.

    Understand that it will be decided at the Bird Fair.

  • Dave thanks so much for another update. Yes we have worried along with you about the eagles and the chicks and I hope and pray that nothing bad has happened over the past week with all the horrendous weather you have suffered on the Isle of Mull. I thnk Mex is right in what he says, your blogs in the form of a diary for us to buy and the molney going to the RSPB to help with the important conservation work re the eages on the Isle of Mull. I for one would buy it.
  • Dave- 'Wildlife Week' sounds like it's going to be such fun, wish we were coming next week instead of July! Next year we will consult "What's On" beforehand! Lovely to hear all's well on the Frisa and Skye nest, and I hope all your other nests have escaped unscathed. Hope your next report is all good news!
  • Thanks Dave and like Mex said above, I know tons of people who read and don't comment so keep up the good work! Good luck on this week and it sounds like you are fully expecting some casualties from the terrible weather so thank you for giving us a bit of advance warming. I hope you are very pleasantly surprised.