Well, having just sat through all the acts for Britain's Got Talent, I'm glad I didn't have to choose the winner - they were all so good.  Congratulations to Diversity!

Well someone has finally heard my pleas - the weather here has been glorious, buckets of sunshine, blue skies and very, very warm.  The Factor 50 suncream had to come out today.  This weather is great for growing chicks too - its gives Skye and Frisa plenty of opportunity to hunt for food too thus giving us fantastic flying displays.


Cotton Grass Loch Frisa - photo Debby Thorne

Cotton Grass at Loch Frisa

One of the things I love about working at the Hide is meeting so many different people, all ages and from all differents walks of life - but with one thing in common - to catch sight of our largest Bird of Prey - and Skye and Frisa have certainly given so much pleasure to so many people.  We also have a great diversity of wildlife from our eagles (white-tailed and golden), the siskins and chaffinches on the feeders, our sand martins, the divers on the Loch, through to the butterflies and even a dragonfly that we all stopped to admire today.  What a wonderful World!


First Visitor waiting for the hide to open- photo Debby Thorne

First visitor of the day!

As I arrived at the hide this morning, this lamb was waiting with him mum for the door to open - we do meet a diversity of life at the hide!!

Dave is on Iona this weekend doing the Corncrake survey - I guess I will have to text the results of the show!

Dont forget to check the Estonian webcam Live sea eagle webcam

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Debby Thorne - White Tailed Eagle Information Officer, Isle of Mull


  • Hi Debbie and Dave, Good luck on the corncrake hunt...I saw one once years ago,,,had to look it up in the book as I didn't know what it was...Weird call also..

    Two days ago I saw a bird sitting on the car at the back of the house and didn't know what it was....Smallish..about the size of a chaffinch...very black with a flash of red...then when preening I saw that it was pale creamy white underneath...long pointy tail...sharp pointy wings...Yes you have guessed it was a Swallow....I had just never seen one sitting and preening before...What a beautiful exotic bird..!!! Wish he would come back when I have my camera ready...

    Hope the weather lasts all summer long....so that Skye and Frisas family have a really good start...

  • HI Debby, hope the weather holds for a good while. Pity Dave with his survey, as you say a corncrake is almost a mythical bird when it comes to seeing one.

  • Hi Debby - thanks for the update and photos. It all looks and sounds wonderful, as always!  We're marking the days off on the calender now- 33 of them - till our visit. Got a new camera for my birthday in readiness, so hope the eagles and all the other wildlife will be obliging!

  • Hello Debby and thanks for the update and the fact that you are havig good weather at long last.  You certainly do have diverse wildlife but it all makes for fantastic viewing.  Love the photos anjd as den&ann say good luck to Dave as I have heard on varous nature programmes how hard they to see.  What a sight that must be Skye and Frisa hunting.

  • If I heard a corncrake, I'd be inclined to think of Simon King hiding in the grass with a comb and a credit card!