but not quite yet!


This evening I went to check up on Half Pint to see whether he has fledged yet.  He and his sibling were 12 weeks old today!  Its a bit of a precarious walk and loaded with a telescope, binoculars, daughter in tow, we tentatively made our way to the best position to view the nest without any of us tripping up, dropping the scope or the other threat, getting soaked to the skin by the heavy, intermittent showers we have had on and off today.  At Loch Frisa the weather has been mainly bright and blustery with the odd heavy shower passing through - I thought a good day for fledging - a nice blustery breeze - great for taking that first step off the nest.


As we tentatively approached, with heart in mouth never quite knowing what you are going to find, we rounded the corner - a beautiful sight of an adult flying around enjoying the break in the weather - then the heart stopping moment as the nest comes into view (now, if I was Dave he would leave you hanging for a day or two!!).


Sat on the edge of the nest, two beautiful chocolate brown chicks, just chilling, looking around, watching Mum flying about.  I was sure one of them would have gone today but no - they looked far too comfortable.  Hopefully in the next few days, Mum and Dad will bring food but not take it directly to the nest, thereby trying to coax them out - thats when the fun starts for us, trying to keep an eye on them.  But for this evening, Half Pint is looking fantastic, ready to face the world (well, in his own time).


As we opened the Hide at Loch Frisa this morning, we were treated to a beautiful display from Heather and Frisa - Frisa flying high on a thermal, Heather, flying lower and just still a little bit wobbly as she turns but beautiful nonetheless.  They spent the morning sat on the other side of the Loch keeping each other company, sat side by side - our visitors were over the moon.


Managed to capture this shot of a Lapwing - often seen in the fields at Loch Frisa Photo Debby Thorne




Debby Thorne - White Tailed Eagle Information Officer, Isle of Mull

  • Now we have probably got everyone here confused (not to mention someone elsewhere very, very cross with me, if you check, Debby). Apologies to anyone at all who may be finding my contributions annoying.

  • Debby - more questions, more clues, but only one answer: do I presume that you are a free spirit (wild, even) and does the sun affect you seasonally or is it just your innate colouring??????? And there I was, missing you! But if your answer is I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, then neither has anyone else, including me..........

    Reply: Bingo!

  • Mex I don't think you need to be sorry as I requested the information so if any blame must be me and hopefully using this blog in this way will do some good against horrific cruelty.Got three letters to post in morning so thanks for addresses

    Gary have you considered I could be Bertie who thinks he is tracking me but I really following him.The answer is really in your question,or is it the clue is in the answer.Anyway Sooty and Sweep think it is great you have sent off e mails,well done.You have confused Sooty also as I thought L O L meant lots of love,Sweep contradicted Sooty and said L O L meant laugh out loud,Think you are having a laugh.  

  • Thanks (on behalf of the eagles, if I may say so) to everyone who writes to the politicians, etc. They should be in a mood to listen to the public now, if ever.  We CAN'T just hide our heads in the sand, or wring our hands, say 'Beautiful birds. Evil people' - and let them both go hang. We have to do SOMETHING. Waking people up from the mesmerism whether it is of apathy, negativity, cynicism, or even wrong thinking and wicked behaviour, is the difficult part, but we have to try. SOOTY - v. interesting re Norman Cross and schooldays. GARY S - look back to Debby's previous blog 'What a Clever Girl' and see who Mex said the seagles were sending kind regards to and then you will have not only the Clue but also the solution. Mind you, the RSPB had already changed Sooty's name once that week already, but let's not confuse things further. (Do you know ISIHAC and Mornington Crescent? We too are in danger of 'a wild goose chase' !!!)

  • Thanks as always Debby, great to hear about Half Pint and his sibling:) Great blow and I can see Dave will have to wrestle the keyboard away from you on his return

    Thanks Mex for all the contact info. I have sent e mails off in all directions so here's hopeing something is done. As you say, more meaningful punishments would be a GREAT start.

    Sooty, I am sorry but you are far too clever for me. I have NO clue who you are:)