Spring has sprung on the beautiful isle of Mull with primroses and colts-foot flowering in the warm sunshine of the last couple of days.  Frogspawn is developing in the ponds and small birds are singing: our local wren has been calling from dawn 'til dusk, only out-competed by  the repetitive call of a male song thrush singing its heart out from the top of a spruce tree.  A pair of great tits has already occupied one of the nestboxes and are defending it from all-comers.  

2014 is going to be an exciting year for Mull Eagle Watch with new features including digi-scoping and webcam, and a new Forestry Commission Ranger.  Less than 2 weeks to go until the trips begin on Monday 31st March.  Iona and Fingal are all set for egg-laying, so let's hope they have a successful incubation and manage to raise 2 chicks as they did in 2012.  Trips take place at 10am and 1pm each weekday.  To book ring 01680 812 556.

John Clare.  RSPB Community Information & Tourism Officer, isle of Mull