Our wildlife walks at Mull Eagle Watch are continuing despite the indifferent weather we have had in the last couple of weeks.  On wet days we are lucky to see much wildlife at all, but on the fine days we are getting great views of the white-tailed eagles, golden eagles and a host of other wild creatures.

On Tuesday this week our morning visitors were treated to a flying display by our juvenile.  It flew low over the conifer woodland before soaring up onto the moorland, being pursued by a buzzard.  Suddenly, as it neared the skyline, a group of four hooded crows appeared, swooping down in turns to try and scare the eagle away.  As the juvenile got higher and higher, the crows lost interest and headed off.

Meanwhile down on the shore below our viewpoint, we spotted an otter rooting through the seaweed.  It then headed a few metres into the sea, hunting through the shallow water. regularly returning to the surface to eat the small fish it was catching.

In the afternoon, both adult white-tailed eagles and the juvenile were spotted in the same area of moorland giving us an aerial display, twisting and turning in the thermals and breezes along the scarp.  The outline of the birds showed their unmistakable broad wings, while their white tails and pale head plumage glistened in the sun.  They continued to show as we headed back to the hide, and common crossbills could be heard calling in the tall spruce trees, feeding on the seeds in the new crop of cones.

The Mull Eagle Watch 2 hour trips now comprise a gentle walk of around 2 miles with an opportunity to learn about the fascinating history and ecology of the magnificent  white-tailed eagles and other Mull wildlife.  There are usually 2 trips starting at 10am and 2pm each weekday.  Ring 01680 812556 to book places.