It's been a good couple of days at the hide. Frisa and Skye have been very busy, in and out with tasty morsels. Today Frisa took some time out for a bath. The excited group at the forward hide watched as she swept round in front of them and then landed on the grassy spit of land jutting out in to the loch. Then, in she went - fully immersed. Imagine a blackbird in your bird bath in the garden and then multiply it a few thousand times. The flapping and fluttering is the same and they certainly seem to enjoy it. An eagle's nest can quickly become a pretty uninviting place after a month or two - unless you're an eagle that is. And for Frisa today, enough was enough. Time for a bit of a wallow in some clean, fresh, loch water. It must have felt very good indeed.

BBC Radio Scotland's 'Out of Doors' programme was here today. Presenter Mark Stephen, joined us at the hide at the end of the day and later had a stunning view of Skye perched on his loch-side tree. Mark was almost lost for words - but thankfully not quite! You can hear his encounter on line, on digital and on BBC Radio Scotland this Saturday 0630-0800, repeated Sunday morning 1105.

See how the sea eagles in Estonia are doing on the direct link below. The chicks are almost the same age as Frisa and Skye's and you can follow their progress via this excellent high quality live streaming video. Remember though that Estonia is two hours ahead of the UK so it gets dark earlier. Click on the 'White-Tailed Eagle TV' link and watch the amazing videos since March 2009 of the pair as they build their nest, lay their eggs, incubate in the snow, see off hooded crows and young sea eagles and eventually hatch within a day or two of Frisa and Skye. It's fascinating viewing. Enjoy!

White-tailed eagle TV  

Dave Sexton RSPB Scotland Mull Officer   

  • Den&ann - I was, of course, joking about our cockatiel and Frisa (though we did once take him down to enjoy the sand on a deserted beach, much to the surprise of the only other two people who were around!!!). Our little bird wouldn't last ten seconds with Frisa, of course. He might well attack her first, in that he isn't afraid of attacking people on occasion. Most of the time you would agree with pet-shop labelling of cockatiels as 'gentle-natured' (though never, ever, 'quiet' as they sometimes say!), but don't put certain things or certain colours in front of him.... It is a privilege to know any bird at close quarters, I think, and ours is certainly A Character, with quite amazing qualities. Sorry to digress from your blog, Dave.
  • Dave, There is a link to some photos on the LG site. This one may be of interest. Is there any chance that a camera could be installed for next year ?. Could we 'lobby' someone ??. If yoiu need to 'edit' this I will understand!.
  • Hi Dave thanks for reply.So nice of you to say thanks for reading the blog but it is really our thanks to you for such good stories and information.It has become part of our lives first thing in a morning,last thing at night and many times in the day is there a new blog on from Dave?I think there are a lot of people out there read your blog and don't realise how much you would like them to blog back so i will take the liberty of asking them to do it and give you more reason for keeping up the good work.Mex Ann thinks you need to take the cockatiel in the bath with you i don,t know how that will help but it might be fun.Hope some of the readers of your stories become blogger's and then visit Mull i am sure they will enjoy it.Best wishes.
  • Thanks once again for the update Dave - although I must admit to being jealous of all those at the hide to see Frisa having a dip. Mex - I'm really not sure what Frisa would make of a cockatiel, I'm sure it would make interesting viewing!!
  • Dave, please could our little cockatiel come and watch Frisa in bird-bathing mode? He hatched in an outdoor aviary in cold weather one March a few years ago and so he never saw his family have a bath. He hasn't a clue. You should see the shennanigans involved in trying to show him how. He won't copy the sparrows, probably because he now thinks he is a person And don't suggest sprays etc etc - cockatiels can be just as fierce as a protective eagle, if not more so. They are just rather a lot smaller!!