Iona and Fingal are having to pull out all the stops to bring in food for their offspring, so on most days we are seeing lots of activity around the nest.  We are still seeing other eagles soaring and flying over, including the non-breeding pair of golden eagles that appear to be looking to set up a territory nearby.  The chick(s) will be growing rapidly in the coming week and we should shortly be able to get clear views of them moving around the nest.

We were very lucky to get a flying visit from my favourite nature writer, Richard Mabey, this week.  He and his wife visited Mull Eagle Watch and I took them on a short tour of Loch Scridain to try and see otters and other wildlife.  Unfortunately, we missed out on the otters, but had great views of eiders, grey herons and great northern divers.

BBC Springwatch starts tomorrow 26th May at 8pm.  It is being broadcast from RSPB Minsmere, but hopefully there will be lots of footage of Isle of Mull white-tailed eagles and other Mull wildlife.  We are also hoping to get a live webcam on one of the white-tailed eagle nests, so watch this space for details.