We've just analysed some data from a recent typical day in the life of Mara & Breagha. From 4am to 7am Mara was roosting alone in a forestry plantation near Salen. He wasn't a particularly early riser and who can blame him after the recent deluge? He spent the day over the mountains of central Mull. Meanwhile his sister Breagha had also roosted alone near Glen More. She too was still at roost at 8am and then spent the day around Loch na Keal. As late afternoon turned into early evening, guess what happened? Mara & Breagha drifted ever closer to each other until they met up at about 7pm and by 10pm were roosting very close to each other in a wood. In the terrible weather of the last few days, it really is a comfort to know that they still have a strong bond and seek each other out when times get tough.

Meanwhile at Loch Frisa, the relentless rain has finally eased a bit to sunshine and showers, many of them still very violent with some fierce hail today. Finally late tonight, the winds too have calmed (I'm almost frightened to write it) and Debby managed to get another lovely view of both chicks at the nest with Frisa looking on proudly. There were several feeds today with prey going in as if they were making up for lost time. The chicks, as well as Frisa and Skye, must have been cold, wet and hungry and it was time to get back to normal - whatever that is. The 10 o'clock news is on, followed by the weather. PLEASE let it be good for a few days...

Dave Sexton RSPB Scotland Mull Officer 


  • Thanks for the update, Dave- it's wonderful to know that Mara and Breagha are both well and 'in touch' with each other! Also glad to hear the weather has calmed down somewhat and the forecast was a good one. Can't wait to (hopefully) see Frisa and Skye and the chicks for ourselves in July- when are they due to fledge, please?
  • I know this will have been discused before but for those of us with poorer memories please would you remind us how they can be identified.  Wing tags or leg rings and what letters numbers etc?

    Reply: Most chicks in 2007 and before had coloured wing tags with numbers or letter to ID them but Mara & Breagha are being tracked entirely via satellite so we don't even have to see them to know exactly where they are! 

  • Thanks Dave. How lovely to know the sibling relationship is still so strong.
  • The weather has been so awful and I usually recommend May as the best month to visit Scotland !!!! The forecast certainly looks much better for the coming week so let's hope all our birds can get back to normal (whatever that is in bird terms!)
  • Thanks Dave I along with others really worried about the weather for Skye and Frisa but thye have managed to withstand it. The chicks have such good parent. Great to hear that Mara and Breagha came together again. Hoping the weather will improve for all on the Isle of Mull.