Sorry for the delay in news but as you may have read we have now moved over to a new blog software!  Still finding my way round it so hope this works!!  I am holding the fort for a few days while Dave has a well earned rest.

The one piece of news I wanted to share with you is the naming of our chicks.  This year Ulva Primary School chose the names and the names chosen are Heather for our female and Bracken for our male.  They are really fitting names as at this time of the year, the Island is covered in heather and bracken and indeed, Heather, our female chick spent this morning sat amidst a clump of bracken - very ironic.


It has been quite a week here on Mull!  We have been seeing Heather, our chick, quite frequently sitting down at the lochside with either Frisa or Skye in close attendance.  On Tuesday afternoon, we had been watching her hop, skip and jumping around when all of a sudden she was flying - albeit quite low, but she flew from the lochside into the field in front of the hide.  We had lovely views and I have to say (not that I'm biased) but she is simply stunning - a lovely rich chocolate colour.  She then decided to fly back from where she came - relishing in this new past time called "flying".


Wednesday saw her again sitting down by the lochside.  The afternoon group had left having seen Frisa flying over the loch and being attentive to her chick.  I had tidied up the hide, done the paperwork and wondered down to the forward hide to lock up when I spotted a large bird flying above the trees.  "It must be Skye or Frisa returning home" I thought.  But I had to do a double take, as the bird I was looking at didn't have the usual pale head - this bird was chocolate brown all over - I quickly checked the lochside where she had been sitting and nothing!  It was our Heather flying high above the trees.  She looked a little wobbly but she started calling with excitement - a noise I have never heard before but it was obvious it was sheer excitement that she could really fly.  It wasn't long before Frisa appeared and joined the flying display.  I have to confess that at this point I had tears streaming down my cheeks - it was a magical moment to see her flying high with her new found wings - it was a beautiful evening and ideal flying conditions - as if to anticipate her next move, Frisa then landed on one of her favourite branches, remained for about a minute and then flew up - Heather then landed on the same branch albeit a bit clumsy but it was as if Frisa was showing her how to land. She stayed there for a short while but it wasnt long before she was up again soaring and screaming with delight.  She kept looking at Frisa as if to say "look mum, I'm flying".  It was very touching. Of course, this was the evening I said I wouldnt be late home but how could I leave?  It was a truly memorable moment  - Heather is officially airborne!

Please bear with us as we familiarise ourselves with the new software - I hope you will continue to read and join in our blogs.


Debby Thorne - White Tailed Eagle Information Officer, Mull



  • I hope so, thank you for the reply, so looking forward to seeing one.

  • It seems just about impossible to read these different blogs without getting tearful.  Bracken.....    

    Heather flying and shouting in excitment. That was a lovely update. Thanks.

    I still keep checking Mara and Breagha's wanderings and was surprised when I saw how far north Breagha had gone.

    Reply: I have just posted a blog with an update on Mara and Breagha - you can follow their journey on Google Earth

  • Phew, managed to log into the new blog at last. Had a stressful afternoon. I have had to re register using another email but managed to keep my old name. All my old blogs are under the name wright??? Don't know how this happened.

    Anyway thanks for the blog Debby.  Bet it was awesome watching Heather flying over you.

  • Thanks Debby. We enjoy ALL the updates but it just helps us to respond correctly to you or Dave. I'll put my 'recollection' down to a 'senior moment' !!.

  • Debbie. Have the 'boffins' worked out how WE are going to distinguish between you and Dave when you post replies?. Surely the 'old' system automatically gave that info? without you having to end your reply with either Debbie or Dave.

    Reply: No the system didn't do it - we sign off our replies - have not done so on this particular post as Dave on hols for a couple of weeks so you are stuck with me I'm afraid! Debby