The highly acclaimed film about a year on the Isle of Mull by our good friend Gordon Buchanan is to receive its US TV premiere on Sunday May 3 on the PBS TV network in the 'Nature' series. It will be shown at 8pm on the East coast, for other US time zones check your local TV listings. In the UK this BBC film for the Natural World is called 'Eagle Island' and is available to buy in local shops and online from Amazon. In the US it has been re-titled by PBS as 'Eagles of Mull'. Our amazing sea eagles Frisa and Skye star as do golden eagles, otters, dolphins, minke whales and basking sharks. We thought our supporters in the US would like to know about this TV event and if any of our other bloggers around the world have friends or family across the pond, perhaps they could let them know to tune in on Sunday evening. This is Homecoming Year in Scotland and we hope films like this show Mull and is wildlife at is best and encourage a few more folk to decide to visit. You'll be very welcome.

Meanwhile, here I am delighted to report that the female sea eagle featured in the 'Battle of the Titans' blog has made a good recovery from her clash with another sea eagle. And what's more, Yellow Black Spot and her mate have hatched their eggs and are feeding chick(s)! What a relief. The encounter wih the other female will have been a territorial fight and they are rare. Most top predators avoid each other as they know one of them may get hurt. But every now and then, they will fight. Occasionally it may end in serious injury, even death. Usually, it's a 'flash in the pan'. Luckily for YBS, she survived to live another day, hopefully another year, hopefully more. It's a tough world out there. For now, they have chicks to feed. The Eagles of Mull have a busy time ahead of them.

 Dave Sexton RSPB Scotland Mull Officer