new trail

a bit late posting this, just as well really.  Went on the new trail.  Really liked it.  Good to see another part of the broad.  A few niggles, but i suppose it is early day.  The viewing platforms were good but could do with some more benches.


Spoke to some birders at Minsmere this week, like me, they were disappointed not to be able to reach the beach from here.  Something for the future maybe?

Anyhow thumbs up from me

Coots are fun to watch

  • sorry reserve not Broad!!!

    Coots are fun to watch

  • In reply to theharrier:

    Thank you for the feedback on the new area. At the moment we are collating feedback from our visitors about the new area and will be taking all suggestions on board. One of the most regular one is for more seats at the screens and it is something we will be doing over the coming months.

    Unfortunately there will not be a continuation of the Autumn Trail to the beach. The main reason is that there is a 40m hole in the seawall at the Volunteer Marsh that can't be crossed. To make a circular path to the Parrinder Hide would require a fence running along the east and Parrinder banks. This would not be possible on the cost and also the top of the Parrinder bank is not wide enough.

    If you have any further comments we would love to hear them. Pop in and have a chat with one of the reserve team next time you are here.


  • In reply to Paul Eele:


    it's great first and last thing . ATM the concrete apron area catches the sun nicely in the morning and there are still insects there. Vis Mig is also good from there- I was still seeing swallows passing late afternoon there on saturday.  Had Tree sparrow and other stuff previously.

    The long hawthorn hedge is good but unfortunately the warm side  ( in the morning) is the non-visible side although the corner by the gate on the concrete apron is a good place to stand and wait.

    Looking north over the other  gate into the closed area where the pallets etc are stored is a quiet  undisturbed area that looks good for migrants.

    I'd like to add a Raddes Warbler to my Titchwell list there.


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