After Hours

An enjoyable day was had again at Titchwell Marsh on Sunday 8th June. It was hot, very hot. As usual it was a great pleasure to meet and chat with some lovely people, many of whom had come from far away just to be there. The waders were rather thin on the ground by afternoon, but there were still a few to see. I have never seen so many sedge Warblers as I did alongside the beach trail. These were interspersed with Reed Warblers and Reed Buntings and, some say, the illusive Bearded Reedling; but was sadly lacking any sightings of these! Having seen many butterflies and admired the plants that were blooming a White Ragged Robin was pointed out to me by a RSPB volunteer. This is the first time I have seen one so I was pleased about that. An Essex Skipper was nearby. Back towards the tea rooms I saw a small white butterfly feeding off the blackberry bush blossoms, a Green-veined White; the first I've seen in quite a while. Before the tea bar closed I had a cuppa and sat at the table outside to rest before an evening walk. A Cock Pheasant was by the feeders. I just happened to have a small bag of sunflower seeds in my shirt pocket. I rattled these and the pheasant stood bolt upright. Soon it came over to me and I gave it some seeds which it gobbled up quickly. We used to have one at Strumpshaw and last time I saw him he recognised me and jumped up on my arm as I was getting the seeds out of my pocket! Later, after 98% of visitors had left and only a few remain in the hides or on the beach, I wandered eastwards past Fen Hide and to the second open screen-hide. A Barn Owl was hunting over the meadow by the road, near the B&B place next door to the site. Going back to Reception I sat quietly on the seat opposite the feeders. The array of creatures coming in for a feed about 7pm was quite a sight to see. The list included: Jackdaw, Crow, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, tits, and other small birds, darting in and out so quickly in the shady grove that recognition was difficult! The inevitable Grey Squirrel were there too, and underneath were numerous Pheasant, ducks, small mammals or rodents and a healthy looking deer; not surprised as well fed. By the other feeders a Racing Pigeon was having a well deserved top up on spilled grain. There were many warblers, robins and other small birds nestling amongst the shrubs in the car park area and on the way out I was lucky to hear an evening chorus. I hope you enjoy the few different "After Hours" photo's I've posted on the Photos page.