Snettisham fully reopening

As there is not a Snettisham blog webpage I'm posting here and I'm wondering when will Snettisham be fully reopening again?



  • I have forwarded your query to Snettisham Thomo and will get back to you shortly.

  • In reply to MrsT:

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding Snettisham reserve.  The answer is that at present we do not know when the reserve will be fully re-opened.  At present we are still finding more damage as flood waters continue to recede –most recently finding that the causeway across the pits near the first hide is very badly damaged –much of it having being washed away.  We are taking the opportunity to review what we do at Snettisham, and whether to replace like for like, or whether we can improve the habitats within the lagoons, and the accompanying infrastructure.  

    At present the reserve is open, including the first hide, to the wader watchpoint opposite the second hide.  We will re-open sections of the reserve over the coming weeks and months as we are able to do so, but unfortunately I cannot give a more precise schedule.  If you wish to discuss the situation, please contact me directly –details below

    Jim Scott Jim Scott

    Site Manager North West Norfolk Reserves

    Tel 01485 545261