Titchwell tidal surge damage

Hi and hallo to you all. I'm new to the Community Page and live in West Norfolk. Fantastic place! Was in hospital so couldn't get out after the Dec 7th tidal surge to see the damage. Did manage the walk down to the beach at RSPB Titchwell today though. Yup the boardwalk is well and truly wrecked but the real damage was to the sand dunes! Those to the east have gone whilst those to the west are a couple of feet high at best. literally tonnes of sand ripped out and, unfortunately, deposited over the shingle strip where waders and terns usually nest. But the main reserve is OK.
  • Welcome to the Community, Leslie, from me in west Surrey.  This is a friendly place and lots of folks are happy to help if you have any questions.  Lucky you, living so close to Titchwell, but such a shame about the loss of so much dune and shore habitat.  It has been many years since I was up there, but hoping to get back one day.

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    this is odd-  I began my birding in West Surrey and now my local patch is Titchwell

    Look who's turned up!


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  • I have never been to Titchwell yet (it's a bit far from where I live, which is, incidentally, Surrey) but I visited Snettisham several times, and particularly for wader spactacular. I was devastated when I learned about the surge and the damage it caused. I wonder how much wildlife is affected. I know Snettisham is partially reopened now, but are birds affected? Numbers decreased? How about Pink-footed Geese? Knots?

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    I-  Pinkfeet feed all over North Norfolk depending on where the best fields are each winter.

    Knots can always roost elsewhere in Norfolk-  but globally they are rumoured to be in trouble on the breeding grounds not in their winter quarters.


    For advice about Birding, Identification,field guides,  binoculars, scopes, tripods,  etc - put 'Birding Tips'   into the search box

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    I have just spoken to Jim at Snettisham about how the storm has affedted the birds.

    He completed the most recent count since the storm and the birds seem to be doing OK. Despite the roost bank being badly damaged, 25,000 knot and 3,000 oystercatcher roosted yesterday morning. Despite the pink footed geese being temporarily displaced by the storm, they have now returned. Over 43,000 were counted over the last weekend!