Rat or vole

I took this (not great!) picture at Titchwell today and am thinking it's a rat rather than a vole. Is that correct? Thanks, Amanda
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    Hi Bob, I added it under options, attach file. Enlarges okay for me when I click on it - let me know if I've done it wrong. It was my first visit to Titchwell and I was really impressed - what a fantastic place to visit!

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    Thanks for your help, Bob. I appreciate it! I wasn't getting those options but have changed settings to enhanced rather than basic text editing and now have them. So here's the pic.

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    Hi Amanda,

    That is a lovely picture of one of our many water voles on site. It looks like you have taken it around the dragonfly pond, where we have a lovely little family at the moment, consisting of at least 3 members.

    We have been very lucky with our water voles this year and from just this pond we have had 3 litters. It is difficult to say if this has resulted in the 3 current adults or if some of them have dispersed to other ponds.

    I am glad you got the chance to see these, as the water vole is the most endangered mammal in the UK and extremely hard to see or even photograph.

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    Thanks, Pernille. I'm delighted it was a vole! I hoped it was but feared I might have been getting excited over a rat.

    Yes, the pic was taken on dragonfly pond - we turned up the side on Meadow trail and stopped at the viewing point with the bench. The vole was literally below us, at the water's edge, so close we almost didn't see it.

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    Voles are great.. and "cute" it has to be said... but nothing wrong with countryside rats either. It's only sewer rats and black rats that may be the most harmful, so if you see a lovely country rat, take a picture too. ;-)

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    Hi-  yes that's  Vic - he normally hangs out along there and talks to Ray



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