Visit to Tichwell Wednesday 4th Sept

Good Morning, I am planning a visit to Tichwell this coming Wednesday and bringing someone very new to birding/wildlife with me.  I noted that I can't access the Cafe link in the menu for tichwell ( no pun intended) and wondered if the cafe will be open and what kind of refreshments are available?  I'm driving a long way ( well over 100 miles each way so need to know if I need to bring my own food.  Also, if anyone can help with things I may be lucky enough to spot at this time I would be very grateful and will post photos to the group page if I get any decent shots.  Many thanks  Jeni-Ren

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  • Jeni-Ren. I have not been there for a few years but it is known for  Marsh Harriers although I see elsewhere that there appears to be only one pair,with two young, this year. As for food there is small hotel just along the road called Briarfields which is well known and the garden looks out over the marsh of the reserve. There are also nice pubs in the general area so you shouldn't starve!.

    The RSPB site does give details of daily sightings which will give you a good idea of what is about. Enjoy your day.

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    Thank you Mike

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    I can't say for definite if the cafe will be open, but I've been there in November and it was, so I'd expect it to be


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    Thanks Whistling Joe :-)

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    Hi Jen-Ren,

    Titchwell Marsh has a lovely little cafe that is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm. It has both hot and cold sandwiches and drinks and a nice selection of cakes (my favourite is the carrot cake). While eating you can enjoy the birds feeding.

    As for birds, currently we have little stints, spoonbills, spotted redshank, curlew sandpipers, turtle doves and water voles. Please visit our information desk on your way in and get up to date sightings.

    I hope you enjoy your visit

    Pernille Visitor Officer

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    Hi Pernille, many thanks for this information, it sounds just fine, especially the Carrot Cake!  I will call into the visitor Centre to say hello and get the up to date list.  Thank you for your lovely and timely response

    Jeni-ren :-)

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