Manorway at 100 cycle route to RSPB Wat Tyler Park Pitsea

  • Sadly your other Post has been taken down Lisa, but I have managed to post on here now :) Would the cycle route use the same paths as walker? I am all for cycle routes but not when both use them I have been on two reserves where cyclists use the same path's and I have had to move out of their way and a lot dont have any form of warning that they are approaching from behind.


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  • In certain areas, yes, but it is hoped that going out to the marshes and if certain parts of the 1925 route of the manorway are cleared, that a wider path will be extended width ways so that a more dedicated to cyclists route will be achieved.
    I am still concerned about using the Veolia road on the other side to Wat Tyler that this might cause a problem.
    This is why I am asking anyone who can get out that way can find out if this route is viable to have a cycle route put through it.
  • I've found out what the problem is with regards to the spam and my post being removed, If you edit the original then you get pinged and your post is removed. Still cannot post photos though.
  • Strange but then again this new board has had us all going mad in the past lol

    If they were wide enough for both I would go for it, I carry a lot of gear and being able to use a bike would help but then again if anybody can use the paths would this attract unwanted persons.


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  • The manorway that was once the 1925 version was upgraded to the 1968 manorway. The bits they left behind, they made into a shared cycle route, but it is only been allowed to overgrow and I am sure that if cut back, it could become wider if properly maintained. Some people think that Thurrock Council will not extend the path width ways when there is a path already. Hopefully a compromise can be sorted if built.
  • Manorway at 100 project. Proposed new cycle route to Pitsea via Fobbing sluice bridge.

    I have sectioned the whole route for you to study and amend. If you want to add anything, please comment below.

    Section 1: The town route through Stanford and Corringham. Shared cycle route to Rookery Hill starting around the Hardie Park area which meets up with cycle route 13 with backward compatible routes.

    Section 2: Rookery Hill to Coryton roundabout. With possible diversion to route via Rookery Hill because of blind corner at the bottom of the hill. (If so desired). Shared cycle route.

    Section 3: Oozedam Farm and Fobbing marshes route needs to be looked at for possible diversion and farm animals intrusion. (If so desired). Shared cycle route.

    Section 4: Fobbing Sluice cycle bridge solution and shared routes to Pitsea via Veolia route and to Canvey over East Haven Creek to Northwick Road. Shared cycle route. Pitsea route meeting up with cycle route 16 with forward compatible routes. This side of the route might be changed if Veolia route is not viable.

    I'm sorry that this is remaining a shared cycle route, but as Michael Davis said, I don't think Thurrock Council will upgrade an already in place shared cycle route to a dedicated one without some serious funding.

    Again, please amend or comment where you see fit and if you would like to help with any of this, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thank you for your time.
  • Hi Lisa, I did find you on Facebook and found all the maps and info about the cycle routes, sadly with me living up in the North West of the country its not a thing I could get involed with but I wish you all the best and hope you get this off the ground.


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  • Thank you Jim, I will do my best.
  • This is the Thurrock council petition website.

    It take a bit of time to register, but the only other one is a national site.

    If you have any problems, please let me know.

    Regards, Lisa.