Manorway at 100 cycle route to RSPB Wat Tyler Park Pitsea

Dear Sir or Madam, this is Lisa Sargent and I am writing to you today to inform you that I intend to set up a group to ask for council, private and lottery funding in the hope that a cycle and foot bridge can be built over Vange Creek from Fobbing Sluice gate, to the landfill connecting road to Wat Tyler Park in Pitsea.

The project, which will be called The Manorway@100 Project, will see the combining of a current cycle route through Stanford-le-Hope Essex using the Manorway's shared cycle path from Hardie Park and continuing along the Manorway to Coryton roundabout. From there, a new connection will take you out over the Fobbing marshes to Wat Tyler Park in Pitsea, by the use of a specifically made bridge over Vange creek from Fobbing Sluice gate, like the one seen at London Gateway today. 
This route will take cyclists away from the many dangerous roads around the area and place them on a dedicated cycleway to Pitsea and Canvey, due its connection potential on that side of the creek, of which the local cycling community have been crying out to be made available for many years.
Suitable cycling surfaces will be provided for over the marshes and fencing will be erected to help keep cattle from straying onto the path and destroying it. Farmers gates, with full access and kissing gates for walkers will be available. It is hoped that connections to the footpaths leading to the World War 2 bombing decoy can be made more accessible, along with the path to Fobbing, which will have onward information boards in view available for the user to decide what options are available to them plus also explaining the history of the area.
I am in the process of writing up a more suitable prospectus, but I am currently writing to everyone whom might have an interest in this project. Especially local companies and councils whom would like to help fund this project and bring it into fruition. This route connects with many walkers routes and could become a proper accessible path to Wat Tyler Park and beyond, which is greatly needed today.
I know that this route could easily become a big part of the local and national cycleway and it is hoped to have this route up and running by the time the Manorway is 100 years old in 2025. I enclose a google picture of the potential route marked in red, but I do intend, when the weather allows, to go out and get some pictures of the route myself.
I look forward to hearing from you in the future in regards to any problems or comments you would like to raise.
Regards, Ms Lisa Sargent.
  • Lisa have you been deleting your own posts or have the RSPB been doing it?

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  • I have not done anything Alan. I just keep getting emails saying that it's been flagged for content and spam
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  • Thanks Alan. I have tried what you said about resizing photos but nothing is working.
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  • When you said contact the RSPB, do you mean Wat Tyler Park? I don't know who else to contact.

  • Look at the bottom of the page for the RSPB contact info I don't think they have anything to do with Wat Tyler..try contacting the RSPB at HQ at Sandy.

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