What a week at Saltholme.  It’s been wet and windy with a touch of snow thanks to storm Fionn.  With the amount of water increasing so has the abundance of mole hills.  Now on a walk down to the Saltholme Pools hide, you will notice the shear quantity of mole mounds. Moles are very elusive spending most of their time deep underground in their tunnels, but if you stare at a mole mound for long enough you may see it moving. This may be unusual, especially if you come to Saltholme and see everybody looking at mole mounds, but you may just get a glimpse of a mole sticking its head out. It sounds bizarre because it is bizarre, but I promise it will mole you over.


Yarn bombed mole

Apart from moles and their mounds, the knitted creatures can still be found along the paths around Saltholme.  I notice something new every time I look.  It is truly amazing to see. 

The wildlife sightings this week include hundreds of fieldfares and redwings in the field by pools hide.  The green winged teal is still present on Saltholme West and 600 plus curlew are roosting there.

Yarn bombed owl

Keep wildlife (knitted or real) watching