• A Week of 'Firsts'

    Image Credit: Adam Jones

    We may not have seen the solar eclipse here at Saltholme, but we have certaintly had times where the sun has been covered (by clouds, rain, etc.) and, towards the end of the week, times when it has actually been visible. Of course, no matter what the weather, Saltholme is a fantastic place to visit with plenty of things going on. It’s been a week of ‘firsts’ as well as the last week of the Easter…

  • It's Big Birthday Party Weekend!

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images. 

    As the second week of Easter Holiday activities draws to a close, another blog comes along to tell you all about what has been happening at Saltholme. Lucky you! So settle down and read all about the amazing wildlife, amazing events and amazing conservation work on our amazing reserve…

    News from the Estate:

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images

    Conservation isn’t all about…

  • Spring has Sprung!

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images

    Well, if Spring was springing last week it has now definitely sprung- astronomically, officially and in terms of wildlife. With Easter hot on the Vernal Equinox’s heels, there are many preparations afoot at Saltholme to ensure everyone can make the most of the approaching school holidays.

    So, if you want to learn more about conservation, upcoming events and wildlife with one…

  • Spring is Springing?

    Image Credit: Mark Thomas, RSPB Images

    Did you think it’s getting…warmer? Maybe a little…greener? Spring may not have exactly ‘sprung’ yet but it’s definitely ‘springing’. The birds are singing away merrily and it feels the reserve is bursting into even more life than usual. This blog is here to tell you all about what this ‘life’ is, so read on for more!

  • Brian Darby – Our Friend and Colleague

    We are saddened by the news that our dear friend and colleague Brian Darby passed away on Friday 9 February. Brian was a hugely popular member of the team at RSPB Saltholme. He joined us in 2022 as a Senior Project Manager and quickly fell in love wi...
  • Marching Forward

    Image Credit: Owen Lyons.

    If you, like us, are slightly terrified with how quickly the year is going…congratulations, it’s now March. MARCH. 2024. Last time we looked it was 2019 and nobody had even heard of coronavirus!

    Existential crises notwithstanding, it has been a fantastic week at Saltholme. The first signs of Spring are beginning to appear and the wildlife is noticing this too. As well as lots of…

  • Upcoming Price Changes at RSPB Saltholme

    Image Credit: Andy Hay, RSPB Images. 

    RSPB Saltholme is a Ramsar wetland site of international importance nestled in the Tees Valley. Our status as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Protection Area (SPA) stems from our wetland and wet grassland habitats, which are crucial for waders and wildfowl: in the winter months, migrant wading birds such as Black-tailed Godwit, Ruff and Green Sandpiper rest…

  • Terns, Terms and Turnstones

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images

    A huge thank you to all our visitors this week- it’s been fantastic to see so many smiling faces enjoying our brilliant reserve over the February half-term. To be honest (and slightly immodest), we’re not entirely surprised you’ve all had such a good time- we’ve done our best to supply you with family-friendly events and our wonderful wildlife has also been performing! Want to learn…

  • The Avocets are back!

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images. 

    Can we all just take a moment to reflect on the rapid passing of February. How are we 9 days in already?! On the plus side, being this far through the second month of 2024 (…take a deep breath and carry on like nothing happened) means that the 2024 Species List, events programme and conservation work is really starting to step up! Want to find out more? Continue reading……

  • February Fun

    Image Credit: Richard Carlyon, RSPB Images

    The longest month of the year is over and done with; we’re now, already, in February. But if 2024 is sneaking past you at an alarming rate, just remember time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve certainly had fun this week, with plenty of events coming up and wonderful wildlife to showcase our reserve. Read on for more!

    News from the Estate:

    We have the largest…

  • Moth report 2023

    Saltholme moth report, 2023

    It has been a cracking year recording moths at Saltholme.  We've had our highest annual species count with 287 species recorded, 40 of which were new to Saltholme.  The following is a roundup of the year’s efforts.

    The first trap of the year was on the 28th January.  It was the first January trap we’ve carried out on site, and it proved worthwhile; five moths, of five species were recorded…

  • 15 Years...

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images

    Hello again! Welcome back to THE blog. The best blog there is about life and conservation work about Saltholme. Granted, it’s the only blog about Saltholme (to our knowledge) but it still counts, right? Anyway, read on for all the juicy gossip from this week…

    News from the Estate:

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images. 

    As usual, the Estates Team have had a busy week…

  • Birds and Birthdays

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images

    Congratulations, you’ve made it through one of the longest weeks of the year. But it’s nearly over AND it’s been another good week at RSPB Saltholme. There’s lots to tell you about, so we’ll get straight into it…read on for more!

    News from the Estate:

    With the new year starting to put down some roots, the Estates Team have begun the process of…

  • Happy New Year!

    Image Credit: Mark Stokeld

    It’s 2024! Another year at Saltholme to look forward to, and it promises to be a good one- it’s a leap year so you’ll have an entire extra day to come and visit us, we’re already up to 79 bird species on our year list, and it’s the year Saltholme celebrates its 15th anniversary! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…we want to tell you about what has been happening…

  • The Last Blog of 2023...

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images

    And with that, we are down to the last dregs in the 2023 coffee cup. How did that happen?! But considering the last few slurps are usually the most caffeinated, this faintly odd metaphor suggests correctly that the last blog of 2023 will be packed with juicy nuggets of information.  This week, we’re going to tell you Saltholme’s 2023 highlights. So read on for more!


  • Eventful Events, Sightings sighted and Conservation conserved

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images

    With a decidedly nearly December-ish bite in the air, it’s perfect weather to settle down with a hot beverage of your choosing and read all about this week at Saltholme. It’s a good read- if you want to find out about why the Wardens have been thrown in at the deep end, an upcoming VIP visit or what caused a staff and visitor stampede on Wednesday, this is the blog for you!…

  • Extraordinarily Ordinary

    Image Credit: John Bridges, RSPB Images

    The weather, like mediocre cake batter, has been slightly mixed this week. With storms, sunshine and everything in between, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s autumn in the UK. But with autumn comes lots of interesting wildlife sightings, eventful events and conservation work to tell you about. So read on for more!

    News from the Estate:

    Michaelmas Daisies are a…

  • Schools at Saltholme

    Here are some numbers for you: 2742, 55 and 2401. No, this isn’t some Da Vinci Code-style puzzle; these numbers tell us just part of the story of schools at Saltholme.

    Let us break those numbers down.

    • 2742- the number of children visited us from April 1st 2022 to March 31st This was our first full year of teaching after the Coronavirus Pandemic.
    • 55- the number of schools that visited us from all across Teesside…
  • Star Species, Soup and some Starlings

    Image Credit: Chris Gomersall, RSPB Images. 

    Like the returning geese, the latest blog post has landed at Saltholme. And, if we do say so ourselves, it’s a good one! We always get incredible wildlife sightings, but this week has been a cut above the rest…read on for more!

    News from the Estate:

    As usual, the Estates Team have been hard at work keeping Saltholme looking (and being) amazing. This week, Sea B…

  • Rain, Rain Go Away

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images

    If you feel like this year is just floating away, you’re probably right. The rain has been nothing if not persistent this week, but we haven’t let that dampen our spirits. In fact, you could even say this week has gone swimmingly. Read on for more!

    News from the Estate:

    As everyone was getting soaked anyway, it made sense for our wonderful wardens to don waders and continue…

  • Walks, Witches and Wildlife

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images

    It has simultaneously been half-term and the week before half-term this week (more details below, but we’ll let you muse on that for a moment). This means there has been plenty happening at Saltholme, so we have a lot to tell you about! Still need some persuasion to read on? Well in that case we shall casually slip into the conversation that recent wildlife sightings include a rare…

  • Autumn has Arrived

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images

    Friday the 13th may be unlucky for some, but for us it’s a good day. Why? Because it’s blog day!

    After 3 blog-less weeks our return coincides with the start of some more seasonal weather. This gives you a very good excuse to curl up in your favourite chair with a large mug of something warm and comforting, preferably with a blanket or woolly jumper, and read what has been…

  • The Week of Waders

    Image Credit: John Bridges, RSPB Images

    Just to keep you on your toes, we are officially halfway through September. Whist the sun is still shining beautifully, there is an unmistakeable autumnal feeling in the air. And with the changing daylight and fading leaves comes a new wave of species to Saltholme. Read on for what has been happening on the reserve this week!

    News from the Estate:

    All parts of a nature reserve are…

  • Saltholme Sandpipers

    Image Credit: American Bird Conservancy

    What’s that sound? ‘What sound?’ you ask. Exactly- the schools are back and it seems eerily quiet in comparison to the summer holidays. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that nothing is happening at Saltholme- we’ve had some very interesting sightings this week, both on our main site and at Greatham Creek. Want to know what they are? You’ll have to read on!…

  • September Species and Summer Soirees

    Image Credit: Ben Andrew, RSPB Images

    Not only is it the last week of the summer holidays, it is also 1 September. Yes, we’re as shocked as you are. But the summer holidays, despite the best attempts of the weather, have been a success and it has been another good week at Saltholme. Want to hear all about it? Good! Read on for more…

    News from the Estate:

    Many wildflowers grow best in nutrient-poor soils…