Friendly visit

Over the past few weeks I've bought a couple of non bird watching friends to the reserve. Everybody in the Kingfisher Hide has been really friendly and helpful, updating us and showing us their pics. My friends have been really impressed so I want to say thanks to everyone. I know there have been some clashes in the past but we've had only excellent experiences.
  • Thank you for your kind comments and really glad you all enjoyed your visit. I know there have been some "clashes" in the past, but usually due to a difficult individual and hearsay - that's life!

    I have been following the Kingfishers at Rye Meads closely for the last 5 years and always found the regulars and visitors (photographers, birders, visitors) friendly and well mannered. Us regulars enjoy sharing the experience, knowledge and visuals with all. It certainly gives me a buzz when it is someone's first sight of a Kingfisher - whether young or old. I even feel we do a good job for the RSPB, particularly as their Staff resources are limited. The banter is great and well intentioned - which helps create a good atmosphere without forgetting etiquette. We are all here to enjoy wildlife in our individual ways and together.

  • In reply to Simon Hurwitz:

    Glad to hear that you had a good time at the Kingfisher Hide. I miss coming down to the Kingfisher Hide, but have been busy of late. I miss the banter and intereaction with the other folks in the hide.

  • Thanks for posting Lorraine, it is lovely to hear when people enjoy their visit to Rye Meads. We have been doing our best to smooth over any issues down in the Kingfisher hide, and as Simon says, it is usually only the minority. Hope you come to see us again soon!