Sightings Blogs and Photos

Hi everyone,

Now that our Covid regulations have lifted and we're slowly getting back to strength with staff and volunteers at Rye Meads we have a bit more capacity to add to our community pages. Hopefully some of you have already seen our first volunteer blogs of 2022, Mel's Mutterings, from our Kingfisher Hub host Mel Shepherd-Wells, if not you can view it at the link below:

We have a variety of volunteer roles at Rye Meads with more being added continuously - check out the RSPB website if you are interested, whether its as 'meet and greet' staff, doing practical work on the reserve, or acting as a roving spotter and 'Guide in a Hide'.

We would also love our visitors to get involved in sightings blogs and to contribute their sightings and photos to our community pages. You can do so at the following link, and also contribute and ask questions on the forum:

Rye Meads - The RSPB Community

Thank you for your support

Matt Bartlett

Visitor Experience Manager - RSPB Rye Meads