Appeal for Kingfisher News

No news on the current state of the Kingfisher pair. The official blog was last updated on 1st April with what some of the regulars had been observing, including myself and for at least a week after that. Basically not appearing to be sitting on eggs as thought, busy mating/courting again. I last went a week ago and saw the female briefly come into the area and go again 3 times all day. I did not see the male at all. The female briefly went into another hole once and just sat on far post or tree. It seem to call on one occasion - for male? I did note this down in the notes and informed staff. I cannot keep taking time off work to come down, so does anyone have any further information? PLEASE
  • Hi Simon

    Just to let you know the kingfishers are still mating. It looks like they are not sitting on eggs yet

  • Hi Simon all others,

    I was there at the end of last week, very strange behaviour, no way are they sitting on eggs, I saw both male & the female on and off during the day, they did mate, most of which took places in the bushes, the male did bring a fish to her a couple of times, the female did also check a different hole, but the amount of time that was spent away from the nest no ways can they be on eggs.

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    I agree with Simon. I have pretty much stopped coming to Rye Meads due to the lack of updates on the blog in general. It takes me around 2.5 hours to get to Rye Meads. I know the staff are using Twitter as their main platform, but not everyone uses Twitter. My main source of information on the goings on with the RSPB is from their blogs and website.

    However, if it is the intention of the staff to discourage its members from coming to the reserve, then carry on.

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    Thank you for those quick replies.

    Seems to verify what I had concluded, that the first eggs failed to hatch/predated/? and they are starting again. We need to watch out for sitting on eggs again.

    I understand Prash's travel problems and we don't all use Twitter. Virtually the only Kingfisher news we get is through a small group of us emailing each other. There are many more people who don't see any information. I (and a few other regulars) spend a lot of time talking to people when I am in the Kingfisher hide about what is going on and hopefully when to come again. We actually do a good service on behalf of the Rspb!

    However Prash's last comment is unfair to the staff, largely volunteers (I am myself, though not at Rye Meads) and understaffed. It does do a great job in terms of teaching/schools and a lot of physical work is done on the Reserve. I'm afraid generally most of the Rspb websites suffer too, in terms of recent sighting information. It is not difficult to do in terms of time/expertise but needs an enthusiast.

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    My nearest RSPB reserve is Coquet Island in Northumberland, and the Blog hasn't been updated for about 2-3 years on these forums, as they stated back then, that the Coquet Island wardens where then and now just posting on Facebook and Twitter which was and is very disappointing and it appears that Rye Meads is going the same way.



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    you are 100% correct, I agree with you 100% about the 1st batch of eggs and information, sounds like the 4th brood from last year, photographers do have there uses with regard to information.

    The other issues that you have also IMHO seems to be inexperienced people making statements and Chinese whispers.

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    I know of other RSPB reserves that don`t with social media, the information feed coming out of them for the visitor is -100%

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    Simon, my comment wasn't intended on a criticism of the staff, and I should probably chosen a better way of saying what I needed to say. You are right that there is an issue of lack of staff, and don't get me wrong, I appreciate everything that the current staff and volunteers do for the Wildlife and its members.

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    Hi all,

    Just to let you know, I was there yesterday, no change in behaviour, what is going on I just don`t know....