Highlights of yesterday (Saturday 14/2/15)on the reserve

DRAPER lagoon
Dunlin - a single individual that was quite hard to spot right at the back on front of the reed bed

Lapwing - nearly 400 birds in the morning but very nervous, flying up for no apparent reason
Shelduck - 2
Pintail - 1 male - only seen in the morning by other observers

Common Gull - 2 among the Black-headed Gulls

Kingfisher - female was seen from about 1500 onwards. She caught a large fish, beat it to death then swallowed it.

AT DUSK - during the closing walk
Fieldfare - c.12 along the path between the Draper lagoon and L2
Magpie - c. 30 getting ready to go to roost at the back of the Draper lagoon