19/1/15 on the reserve

A lovely sunny day but very cold - most of the lagoons were frozen but had small areas of unfrozen water in places. However patience paid off and there was still some lovely birds to see At the draper hide a Moorhen was unsuccessfully trying to balance on top of a reed and very ungracefully slid off onto the ice , other birds on the ice includes several Teal and Coots and Moorhen. One lagoon was not frozen so Shoveler Tufted duck and Gadwall and Swans were seen there On the other lagoons mostly frozen over black headed gulls a solitary Lesser black backed gull , Teal and a single Shelduck , the little grebes on both Gadwall and Tern hides had found areas of unfrozen wAter to dive in. Around on the trails lots to be seen Wrens , Great tit ,blue tit , Long tailed tit, Robin, Chaffinches in large groups Blackbirds , Redwing Also seen Herons Cormorant flying over and a Kestrel hunting However the real treat of the day was at the Kingfisher Hide were we saw Cettis Warblers uncharacteristicly out in the open drinking from small holes in the ice also hopping around on the ice seeming to feed off the surface two were seen in different places , a pair of Pied Wagtails also seen doing the same thing Lovely to get good clear views of a normally elusive bird heard more than seen Well worth a visit to see