New kingfisher Nest Bank/Hide

Hi Vicky Thank you for updating me on the blog as to the new kingfisher bank and the new hide that will be going in nearby. I understand that due to the interest by a kingfisher that the new hide is unlikely to be put in until the end of the kingfisher nesting season. I also believe that the new hide is going to be placed nearer the nesting bank than the current kingfisher bank and hide, which is great news. I know that a great deal of consideration has to go into the sighting of the new hide and its prospective users. I wish to make a plea on behalf of photographers, have you heard their view in positioning the new hide in relation to the light and perches that look like natural perches rather than a post that would be found in a field? I am a regular visitor to Rye Meads and look forward to hearing the latest thoughts on the new hide Regards Leslie