Hen Harrier Day Triumph

Hen Harrier Day 3 at Rainham Marshes was absolutely brilliant. A fantastic crowd of like minded people passionate about saving the Hen Harrier from extinction as a breeding bird with wonderful guest speakers Mark Avery, Chris Packham, Charlie Moores and the RSPBs own Chief Exec Mike Clarke. It was particularly poignant to hear Mike talk about Rainham being his boyhood patch where on those chilly winter evenings around 30 hen harriers would come in to roost - nowadays none. But wonderful to also hear him say the fight to save them would be won, just as the one for goldfinches was. Goldfinches at one time teetered on the edge with illegality taking them for caged birds, but on Saturday there were loads of them busy in the thistle seeds. It was a great day and thanks to all who worked hard and made it happen and to run so well. Whoever ordered that wonderful sunshine should be thanked too :) And on a personal note, try as I might I didn't see a water vole on this occasion ..... but I did see bearded tits which was a life list tick for me! I'll be back to scan the pylons for your winter visiting peregrines too. What a great reserve Rainham is!