So I get up this morning and I think, I know I shall pop down on the foreshore to see what is on the menu for breakfast... you never know!

A quick check around to see if anyone is looking...

... and then attack that yellow, fluffy chick-looking thing and shake it by the back of the neck till it is dead!

mmm... not very palatable; did not even put up much of a fight! Exhausted now, (and have indigestion) need some R&R to gather myself together before continuing in my quest to terrorize inanimate objects into submission.

Meanwhile, another local resident sees his opportunity to scarper while the enemy is soaking up the morning rays and wishing he had some Tums to hand.

Success at last! Did not even have to kill this one! Although I reckon I shall just stand here looking all manly for a while in case any of the girls are around. Size isn't everything you know but a Black-headed Gull that I 'plucked from the sky after hypnotizing it with my steely gaze' can not fail to impress...

All images taken by Russ Sherriff yesterday down by the Stone Barges