On Sunday afternoon I spent a few minutes in the Wildlife Garden with the camera but have only just got round to looking at the pics...

Amazing what you can find under your nose in a tea break... why not try the same thing at home or even at work if you have a green space? 

A well laden Solitary Bee...

A male Solitary Bee...

A Cheilosia species of hoverfly - I think I know which one but they are very difficult!

A lovely big Bluebottle. I think it is a Calliphora

A Lucilia Greenbottle

Green Shieldbugs making more...

A Velvet Mite - a spider relative

An Orb spiderling ball

A member of Anthyomyiidae - out on a limb here

A tiny Jumping Spider that I think is Sibianor aurocinctus - a scarce Thames Corridor brownfield site species

And I will leave you with the wondrously named.... Pleasing Fungus Beetle.... Triplax aenea


oh and the Spoonbill was still present today!