The contractors were in early last week and with their magic, mighty, robot they made short work of the several areas that needed a life giving haircut.

Although it is not quite open yet to the visitors, the Cordite Store has been cleared and though it may look a little drastic it will result in a far healthier hot spot for insects and birds over the course of the year.

Farside of playground bank alongside the main path

Further path sides were cleared back and the bramble bank behind the play equipment was reduced. There is still so much bramble around the woodland area that even all of this work has barely made a dent and early nesters such as long-tailed tits have plenty of other suitable spots to choose.

It will be intriguing to see what spring flowers come up in these newly opened up areas and the insects such as butterflies, beeflies and early bees that come to find them.  We shall keep you posted.


The approach to the woodland bridge