Morning all... it is that time of year again when the marsh turns a vivid shade of yellow. It looked like the Ragwort was not that extensive this year but then it suddenly exploded again and we need help. As you know we love the Ragwort outside the electric fence where it provides an important nectar source for countless butterflies, bumble and solitary bees and the voracious caterpillars of the Cinnabar moth. However it is poisonous to cattle if eaten in quantity and as they tend to leave it alone it takes over (bit like the Goats Rue...) and so next week has now been designated Rainham Marshes Rag Week.
Monday to Friday next week (16th-20th) we shall be tackling the problem and so if you can spare us two hours to help out then please meet at the visitors centre at 0930 for a 1000 start. Feel free to bring your own stout shoes and gloves but have lots should you be without either.
No need to book just come along and help out.