In these unusual times it can be easy to get swept away with the situation – but it is important to take a moment for yourself. Make sure you are doing something that you enjoy – take a moment to be mindful.

Paying more attention to the present, giving notice to our own thoughts and feelings as well as our surroundings can improve mental wellbeing. This awareness is sometimes called mindfulness.

Mindfulness can help us enjoy life more and understand ourselves better. Being outside in the fresh air either in your garden on your daily walks can rejuvenating and relaxing... It has been shown to be beneficial to mental wellbeing, and reduce stress.

 Flowers in my garden - these were taken ealier as I had a nice stroll around

Here is a little something that you can do the next time you head into your garden or on your daily walk (please follow Government guidance – please stay local and maintain social distancing)

Walking could be a perfect time to practice mindfulness, a good alternative to trying to be mindful or meditating while sitting.

Relax as you walk.With each step notice the movement of your legs and the rest of your body and focus on the sensation of walking. How does the earth feel beneath your feet? Is it spongey or hard? Allow yourself to hear the sounds around you without naming them or thinking about if you enjoy them. Be aware of your sense of smell; simply notice the smells around you. Allow yourself to see what is around you, try to simply observe. If this is too distracting try lowering your gaze to the path ahead. Tune into your sensation of touch as well – the sun on your skin or the air moving past your limbs as you walk.




What do you do to relax and be mindful? We would love to know so feel free to share your stories or pictures!