The songbirds and music makers we love are at risk of going silent. But we’re at a unique point in history, where we can shape a future where wildlife can thrive. Will you join us at the start of a conservation movement? 
Cuckoo at Rainham Marshes by Joan Burton
Cuckoo at Rainham Marshes by Joan Burton

Can you remember the last time you heard birds singing, the soothing call of a cuckoo echoing across the landscape or the chirp of crickets in the long grass? Nature’s song has provided the soundtrack to our countryside for centuries and its beauty has inspired us all.

But there is a real danger that our countryside could fall silent.

Since 1970, we have lost more than half of the UK’s cuckoos and skylarks, and a staggering 98% of our turtle doves. And it’s not just birds that are in trouble. More than half of the UK’s species are declining – including much-loved wildlife like hedgehogs and water voles – and many could soon be lost forever. The sad fact is that our nature is falling silent.

It’s a shocking and sobering thought, but it’s not too late to save nature – if we act now.