Morning all...

We have a couple of evening events coming up at the start of September which may catch your interest..

Late Night Opening and Moth Night

Friday 1 & Friday 8 September, 9.30 am - dusk (approx 11 pm)

The reserve will remain open till dusk (which will be about 11 pm) so that you can come along and soak up the tranquility of the marsh as the day starts to fade.  

Many birds start singing again in a last flourish before bed while others prepare themselves for a through the night serenade. The Marsh Frogs should still be active and there is a chance that our very nocturnal Barn Owls may grace us with a fly past while early emerging bats of several species hawk overhead. 

The moth traps will go on at 9pm and we shall see what wondrous winged beauties we can attract to our lights. Let's hope the weather is good!


The cafe will remain open for hot food, drinks and snacks! Usual reserve entry fee’s apply. 


oh and there may be an August one announced in the coming days...


On top of this we also have...

Bat Night - Walk and Talk... also on...Friday 1 September, 7-11 pm

Come and join us on a walk around the marshes to search for some of our nocturnal denizens. We shall meet at 6.30 pm for a 7pm start and after a short batty introduction we shall head out to explore and listen with our bat detectors for these much maligned animals. 

While you are out we shall be running a couple of moth traps to see if we can catch some of the things that the bats are after! 


30 spaces are available (and they're filling up quickly) so book early - the event is not suitable for those under 8 years old. Booking and pre-payment is required - just give us a call and we can arrange it! Price: £8 adult (£6 for RSPB members), and £4 child (£3 RSPB members)

Booking essential 01708 899851