Afternoon all,

How are you today?

I just wanted to let you know about a lovely collection of poetry...

David Jackson has donated a few copies of his lastest publication - a collection of 27 poems all about birds!

David has donated 10 copies - with the money raised  to come to us here at Rainham!

David loves watching the birds, which inspires him to write the poems - which he does for fun. David is ina nursing home in North London but loves writing poetry - espectially about wildlife. David says "When I was young, birds were just anonymous specks in the sky... Now I have learn't that these specks have beauty and individuality and are to be admired".


Here is one of his poems - The Kingfisher:

A blue flash, flashes past,
A moving sight flying fast,
Kingfisher sweeps through the air,
Regal, royal, debonair
Found nesting near stilll, slow water,
Like lakes, canals, rivers,
They're wearing an 'electric' blue coat,
With an orange tummy and throat,
Small, plump, long dagger-like bill,
Beautiful, bright plumage to thrill,
Also licenced fresh fish to kill.


Come and get your copy - by reception in the visitor centre, all proceeds to be donated to Rainham Marshes!
Let us know what you think of David's poems!