A glorious day with an ever increasing wind but at least it felt warm for a change! Some good birds today but I suspect that more went through unnoticed than we actually saw as the clear skies and following southerly wind will have kept much on the move, especially as things are so far behind.

There were a few newbies intoday with the first three Sedge Warblers and a solitary Greenshank but other waders were scarce with just singles of Golden and Grey Plover of extra note. Many duck appear to have also cleared out with notable drops in all species since Friday. A few hirundines through and Willow Warbler, Whitethroat and Wheatear added to the migrants.

It was the first real day of butterfly activity with Red Admirals, Comma, Small Torts and lemony Brimstones on the wing.

Star attraction today were the Kingfishers who have spent quite some time at the wall today and have dug far enough in to disappear inside for a few minutes at a time now. There was lots of car park Kingfisher activity as well with the male calling incessantly and flying in large loops at about 20m around the car park, dipping down to the Mardyke and then back up for another go. It soon became clear that he was trying to entice the female to follow him the 500m back to the bank at the MDZ, which she did on several occasions...

And hats off to Tom Bell for his patience today...