A few of you have been asking about the Cordite Store of late and whether we will get around to re-opening it to the public.
Well tomorrow and Wednesday we have a company called McConnel coming with with a very impressive bit of robotic kit which will munch its way through the massively dense tangle of Bramble that has built up over the last two years during which time our usual management regime has been severely disrupted as you can imagine.
Giving the inside a serious haircut may feel drastic but it will give it a fresh lease of life and with more sunlight getting to the ground (at least for the start of the season) it will be fascinating to see which spring flowers appear before the Brambles, Nettles and Hogweed all re-grown. Insects and birds will benefit too.
It will also be far easier to manage the trail once again what with starting from a clean slate.
The trail will remain open both days with the outer-outer loop operating like it does on windy days although there is a chance that there may be some temporary additional closures but Reception will know what is going on.
We will update you further with some pics later in the week.