Rainham Marshes staff and volunteers replacing sections of the boardwalk

Our fantastic wardening team have done a great job maintaining a section of the woodland boardwalk!

The works have now finished and the paths are open as normal now. 

The staff and volunteers have been working on the boardwalk every day, come rain or shine or even snow. There were sections where the team were working knee deep in water for days. Some of the volunteers were coming in for three to four days each week!

A huge thank you to all of the team for the hard work! 

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

It's great out on the reserve at the moment - keep an eye out for very obliging bearded tits on the northern boardwalk, snipe, curlew and lapwing from the Purfleet hide and great sightings of duck all over the reserve. We've been seeing pintail, wigeon, teal, shelduck, shoveler, mallard, gadwall and we even had a fantastic view of a goldeneye yesterday! (See Howard's blog here for more details)

Lapwing in flight by Bernard Bradshaw

Lapwing in flight by Bernard Bradshaw