Starting next week, Monday 7 January, we will be working on maintaining an area of boardwalk.

We have created an alternative route so you will be able to complete a full circuit of the reserve.

Over the next few weeks the team will be looking after a section of the boardwalk near the woodland feeders - to make sure we can keep the full walk open a temporary alternative route will be available. The path will be about the same length as the current route meaning you can see a slightly different part of the reserve. The path is a hard flat surface that we will have open to ensure the complete circuit is available throughout the works.

Below you can see a map of the reserve. The black lines show the section of the boardwalk that will be closed, and the red line shows the alternative route.  You will still be able to visit the Cordite Store (and see 'Rocky' the robin), and visit the woodland feeders.