2018 is coming to an end with a dull, grey but bird filled day.  The marsh is nice and wet and covered in duck and Lapwings and the Marsh Harriers and Peregrines have been taking advantage of the various food options!

The Short-eared Owls were up and about today too at the end of the river wall and our usual winter specials of Bearded Tits, Water Pipits, Ruff and Redwings should all be available to kick start 2019 in just a few hours time.

We shall be opening up at 7am tomorrow (yes, I know it will be dark) for the uber keen amongst you.  The shop will open at 9.30am and the cafe at 10am.  Closing will be at 4.30pm as usual.

I was hoping to end with a sunset from the last day of the year but it was a no go so I will leave you with the amazing one that we had on the 27th... complete with Sun Dog

See you all in the morning