Many of you will be pleased to learn that I started to set up our fungi trail around the wooded heathland trail yesterday.
At the moment, the best spot is Black Wood as the damp conditions there are favoured by many of our species of fungus. If you're not familiar with this part of the nature reserve, follow the public footpath on the wooded heathland down towards the pond and then head through the pedestrian gate towards Hail's View - the team at our welcome hut will be able to point you in the right direction.
I'm hoping that all of the recent rain will prompt more magnificent mushrooms to pop up and I shall continue setting up the trail tomorrow and then keep updating it throughout October. The wooded heathland trail is free to access but there is a suggested donation of £3 for our fungi trail map and spotters guide. You can make your donation at our welcome hut.
We're also running two guided walks this season - Saturday 9 October and Wednesday 27 October, Booking essential (see link below).
Info on fungi trail and more events here:

One of the most numerous at the moment are common earthballs - tough, leathery-skinned, ball-shaped fungi.  Some of them appear to have strange growths – they are parasitic boletes.  Like other boletes, the flesh of this fungus is spongy – they have pores rather than gills.

Here's a photo showing you what to look for - two fungi for the price of one!
Photo by Anna Allum