Thanks to Site Manager Julianne Evans for her report

Most of the past week has been taken up with carrying out repairs to gateways and fences so that our cattle stay in the right fields!  It is all about field management now as we move the cattle round the site following up with controlling the rush.  The hot sunny weather means that a lot of our pools are drying out but the North Brooks is still looking good and is still full of the sound of lapwing calling to their chicks and redshank singing – such an evocative sound! Our nightingales are still singing and at least one of the pairs is now feeding young.  Great spotted woodpeckers can be heard in the nest as they get close to fledging and everywhere you look there seem to be adult birds feeding young.  We have at least two churring nightjars on the heath and hobbies are hunting regularly over the wet grassland.  It really is peak season for Pulborough now and is such a shame we can’t share it with more people.  But there is always next year!

Lapwing with the chick  

Nightingale (Mick Davis)