East side of the river, North of Over

Hi all I have a few questions... I've been living in Over a couple of years and have recently started walking all over the place around here. I only just discovered the RSPB path that heads East past some small lakes from Fen End / Long Holme Drive. Before wandering out there late this afternoon, I thought I saw a couple of Marsh Harriers. I have almost zero experience identifying birds, so I have no idea if they actually were Marsh Harriers, but from what I saw and what I've looked up since returning home, that's my best guess. Might that be correct? Also, does anyone know what happened to the very North end of Long Holme Drive, where it meets Shelford Rd? It used to be possible to walk (or even drive, if you were bold) the whole way to the end. It seems the quarrying company decided to block it off, though. Is that right? I've made the walk, but it's more difficult now. I've seen an RSPB car drive up/down Fen End a couple of times. Who's in that car? :-) I've wanted to stop them to say hi, but haven't been quick enough. Thanks! Terry
  • Hi Terry,

    Yes, it is likely that you have been seeing Marsh Harriers - they are one of the target species for the wetland creation project.

    Long Holme Drove has been closed off at the northern end as the quarry works has now reached that point. In due time, all of that road will be removed as the quarry & the resultant wetland expands. New footpaths & bridleways/cycleways have & will be created to compensate.

    The RSPB cars will belong to the wardening team that manage the wetland project & the nearby Fen Drayton Lakes site.

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    Thanks for replying Andy. Great to see that you are around and about, surprised I haven't bumped into you on or around the reserves. It would be great to see you again, after all those years ago at Pulborough etc.. The starling roost is building up at Hollywell Lake, just by the Fen Drayton reserve car park, 8000+ birds at 6.15pm, a fantastic swirling site.

    Best wishes, Barry

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    Hi Andy - thanks for the reply.

    That's very interesting & good news. I was bummed that what seemed to be just a mining company could come in and block off "my" road. It's nice to hear that it's all part of a (much) bigger plan.

    As for the Marsh Harrier: great!


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    Hi Barry - Haven't actually been around much; too busy working & training for/competing in triathlons. Might get out a bit more now that the season is coming to a close.

    Hi Terry - It's one of those rare things; a win-win situation. Without the gravel extraction the wetland creation wouldn't have taken place. Without the wetland creation the company wouldn't have got the planning consent. :-)