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Hi everyone, I am fairly new to birding and live near in Oxford. I have been to Otmoor several times and have seen plenty of birds, but I feel I'd see a lot more with a more experienced birder alongside me. I wondered if there was anyone here that would mind me tagging along on occasion up at Otmoor? Thanks Winston
  • Dear Winston,

    my husband and I love Otmoor, we visit the reserve once or twice every month during weekends. We are not expert birders but we have come to learn a bit about many of the birds that regularily inhabit Otmoor. Our favourite birds are the short-eared owls, which can be seen during winter, the starlings and lapwings that are quite visible all year round. We can message you the next time we plan to visit, so that you can call us if you wish to come of out for a walk with us. This weekend is not looking very good, we might try again next sat..

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    That would great, thanks.

    I've been up to watch the starlings roost a couple of times and have seen Lapwings throughout the year, but haven't seen any owls at all in the wild. I was also up there when the great white egret arrived too, which was great.

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    Thanks Doggie

  • Otmoor has an active community of volunteer wardens who will be happy to help (we are not all expert birders, though). Just look out for RSPB name badges. As well as the RSPB's own blog another good website to keep up-to-date is Peter Barker's blog:

    It's always well-written, has great photos and will tell you current highlights to look out for.

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    Hi, i'm on from 8-13.00 on Sunday if u want to nip up and have a walk around. IM quite new to wardening but ill help if i can.

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    Although it is meant to be miserable weather tomorrow but you are quite welcome to come for a paddle around.

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    Thanks everyone!

    I'm actually in London tomorrow Catdubh, but would be up for coming along another day. I'm a free lancer and between contracts at the moment, so weekdays are good for me if anyone is about then?


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    IM on every Sunday morning but there is nearly always a warden on in the week. Just look for the badge and grab them.

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    Fridays are well-staffed from 8am onwards. I do mornings on alternate weeks with my husband but our opposite numbers are just as welcoming. Or give the reserve office a call during working hours 01865 351163 and they could tell you if someone is on duty.

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    That's great. Thank you.