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just purchased very large bag wild bird food from reputable firm, but the birds do not like it, they keep leaving it alone or taking out the bits they like and leaving the rest, i can not afford another bag until this one has goon, please can you help, what do i do ?
  • Hello Dawn, what kind of food is it? Does it looked spoiled in any way? Could it have been kept somewhere cold, damp or wet where it has gone off or mouldy. Only a suggestion. Maybe ask at the place you bought it from, in cas they have had others with the same problem.

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    just normal mix but looks like lots of them white seeds, nothing wrong with food, its dry and new, very normal looking, but i think there is a lot of not good in it, i just want to no if there is any thing i can put in it to make it tasty for them as i can not afford to throw it away(plus its a giant bag)25kg

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    Hi dawn, crikey that is a lot of food. I think you'll have a better chance of moving it when the weather turns really cold (as it surely must some time soon!).

    You might also try making some simple pastry and adding seed to the mix, just about all birds crave fatty food at this time of year and lots of people on this board will tell you they can't make it fast enough once they start! You don't need expensive ingredients, just cheap own-brand supermarket flour and lard will do. You can shape it into suet cakes or fat balls, or even just put lumps of it in the forks of tree branches. Works a treat for me and I get all sorts of different species going for it.

    When you do finally get rid of it, I'd suggest you go a bit more carefully next time and just buy different mixes in small quantities until you find one that best suits your birds. You will eventually hit on something and then you can go back to buying in bigger bulk.

    Good luck and don't give up!



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    Thank you I will try that, and I will in future buy small, once again thank you.