Wind Turbine Application

We’re hoping to install a small wind turbine on the reserve at RSPB Loch of Strathbeg. This small turbine will hopefully provide the equivalent of almost all of the electricity we use on the reserve. This will reduce our carbon footprint, helping to make a small but important contribution in the battle against climate change. It will also save us money, allowing us to spend more on conservation. We may even be able to supply extra power to the National Grid. We’ll also use the turbine to teach schools and other groups about alternative energy sources and show how renewable energy is important for us all.

If you'd like more information then you can read our FAQs on the Scottish Nature Notes Blog There's also a display in the centre about our turbine which you can read next time you visit. If you’ve got any more questions about our turbine, or about any work on the reserve then please drop into the office, call us on 01346 532017 or email