I've only been the once with Dundee RSPB group. Much more time needed I think what I saw was great. may need to look into B&B or such in future.


For viewing or photography right place right time is everything. I'd rather be in the right place with poor kit than have the best kit and be in the wrong place.

  • Hi John

    Welcome to the group.

    Great photo's especially like the tree sparrows.  The reserve is certainly well worth a longer visit as parts of the reserve such as the beach and dunes are not accessible from the visitor centre.



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    I've been several times to the visitor centre, tower pool hide and the hides at the airfield, one of which I noticed has moved last time I was there.  I don't know how much of the rest of the reserve is accesible to the public.  I'm always a bit scared of the MOD presence but have often thought about driving down to Rattray (sp?)) Head.

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    Hi Ed

    Welcome to the group. The MoD through private contractors only control the airfield. We have recently completed negotiations that has allowed us to construct our new access route open dusk to dawn to the Fen and Bay hides, Bay hide as you mention has been moved approximately 100 yards to the east to escape the mining badgers! We have lost one hide - the old Bank Hide that was actually on MoD land.

    Driving down to Rattray Head is absolutely fine - the road is a bit grim but if you drive carefully you will be able to get through. The bushes around the B & B are always worth a check.

    Another part of the reserve that is well worth a visit is the northern end and sand dunes. Best acessed from the village of St Combs at the top end of the reserve you then have roughly six kilometres of sandy beach and dune to explore - including a small conifer plantation that acts as a migrant trap under the correct conditions.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your visits to the reserve



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    Thanks very much.  I noticed that there is now separate entrances the 1st time I went in the Tattie holidays.  I had already double checked though with the intercom, just to make sure.  I have a fear of military and police types, don't know why..  I'm trying to remember which one the bank hide was.  I think I remember going there with my wife and getting very good views of the terns, possibly just after the wooden nesting islands had been built.  Will have to try the Rattray Head and the sand dunes etc soon.  Thanks for the tips.