Loch of Strathbeg publications

You can download some of the reserve publications from this thread.

Feel free to leave your comments about them and anything else you think would be useful to help you enjoy the reserve.


Annual Bird Report 2010

Use this report to find out all about the sightings on the reserve last year, an ideal way to plan your trip, look forward to what you might see and put your sightings in context.


The Rarities of the Loch of Strathbeg

A complete breakdown of the sightings of the scarcer visitors to the Loch of Strathbeg. Ideal for finding out the answers to questions like: when is best time to find dotterel, when do bitterns turn up and how many snow geese have been seen on the reserve.


Rare Birds Day by Day

All of the rare and scarce data, but in a day-by-day format. Find out which day has the most good birds turning up, what has appeared on your birthday and perhaps get an idea of where you shoudl be looking on your next visit.